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Why use The Arabists
We give you more of what you need.
When you do business with The Arabists, you get all the advantages of dealing with Arabic marketing communications specialists. Our strengths include respecting you, your audience, and respecting your needs.
You need communications that sell; we give you better language skills and creative flair. You need smooth workflows, we'll give you superior use of technology. You need speed, we'll have you saying "khayy" all the way to the printing press! details
The Respect factor
We only write what's right for our clients, and their clients.
What do you call it when a translator gives you work he hasn't proofread because he knows you can't read Arabic? What do you call it when a copywriter gives you error-riddled copy because he knows you're up against a vicious deadline and won't have time to read it?
Or gives you meaningless drivel which sounds like a nursery rhyme because he thinks Arab consumers aren't sophisticated enough to tell good from bad?
Whatever you call it, you won't see it happening at The Arabists. We respect our work, and that of our client. If the client is an agency, we respect its client. Ultimately, we respect the client's client: the Arab audience he's trying to reach. Respect means that we don't write for the sake of filling pages or billing hours, but for the sake of fulfilling objectives and improving bottom lines.
The 'khayy' factor
We save you time.
With us, you'll be saying "khayy" often, not only because we're fast, but also because our copy doesn't "bounce".
The Copywriter factor
Where have all the good ones gone?
The fact that we are real Arabic copywriters, operating as a dedicated company, will be particularly welcome news to marcomm agencies which are finding it increasingly difficult to hire additional Arabic resources.

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