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Who we are
Right in the heart of 300 million consumers in the Arabic-speaking world.
The Arabists DMCC is a creative services agency focused on the use of the Arabic language as a tool for addressing Arabic-speaking audiences and consumers, from Morocco in the west to Yemen in the east.
The company was established in July 2002 at the Dubai Media City, a global hub for media-related businesses. With Dubai in the UAE firmly established as the Middle East's leading economic powerhouse, we're ideally positioned to help your brand speak Arabic, and reach 300 million consumers across the Arab world.
We are not ordinary translators
A first in the Middle East:
translations by copywriters.
A translator's job is merely to port content from one language to another. A copywriter's mandate, however, is to make content comprehensible, appealing and, above all, relevant.
A translator works objectively, aiming to produce "correct" translations. A copywriter, on the other hand, works subjectively, aiming to re-produce content in a way that makes it read and sound like it was an original to start with!
Few translators are good at copywriting, and few copywriters are good at translation. The Arabists, however, are good at both.
More than just Translators
Ensuring your Arabic translation looks as good as it sounds.
We at The Arabists believe translations shouldn't just sound good or read well, but should be equally polished in the way they are presented. For us, elegantly formatted artwork and documents are a specialty.
Because Arabic reads from right to left, the media used for your translated content will often need to be "flipped". We provide you with artwork, documents and other media which is formatted with your target audience in mind.
Whether it's choosing the right typeface for an advert, or re-paginating an entire magazine, our skill will impress you.
We're an agency's agency
In addition to serving direct clients, The Arabists DMCC is a service provider to other marketing communications agencies. Registered as an Advertising, Public Relations, Marketing and Below-the-Line agency in our own right, we provide other agencies with a service that completely takes care of the Arabic-language component of their operations. Our agency clients include:
Advertising Agencies
Publishing Houses
PR Agencies
BTL Agencies
Branding/CI Agencies
Multimedia Agencies
Design Studios
An alternative to Freelancers
When pressed for time, the last thing you want to do is run after freelancers who may or may not be available.
As an alternative, we give you access to dedicated, full-time Arabic resources. Whenever you you need us, we're only a telephone call (or an e-mail) away.

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