One free job for every prospective client
We're pleased to offer every prospective client the opportunity to assess the quality of our work free of charge.

Our Free Trial offer allows you to test us either for creativity with advertising-type material, or for translation skill with content that is more on the copy-intensive side.
The purpose of this exercise is to enable you to judge the quality of our work (not our speed).
To contact us with a Free Trial request, please use the information provided on this page.
Test us for creativity
One print ad (or equivalent),
adapted for free!
This doesn't have to be a print ad per se, but anything that is similar in format, e.g. a mailer, a web banner, a bill hoarding, etc. It can consist of a short headline and up to 200 words of copy (but no campaign theme or brand positioning statement).
Test us for Translaiton Skill
Up to 400 words of copy-intensive
content, translated for free!
This is roughly equivalent to two A4-size pages.
It can be a press release, or pages from a technical manual, or website content, or an article, or anything that needs to be translated and you would like to see how translations done by copywriters are much more reader-friendly.

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